Viral Trails

Pondering mortality?

The never ending social distancing?

The efforts to protect ourselves and our families from the terrible sickness, and at the same time thinking the queue for Lidl is possibly worse than the sickness could ever be, and we’d nearly rather try our luck with the virus?

But here we are, weeks into it, relatively healthy, and trying to be at least somewhat responsible. An eye always on the endgame, the return to normality and travel.

No pubs or nightclubs for us. No big spins, no big breakages of the rules .. but there may have been one or two socially responsible, local outings over the past month or so.

Nothing too hard, nobody wants to risk an injury and stretching our already overworked health services, but it’s also important for the mental health to get out and blow off the cobwebs from time to time. So from time to time, when the cabin fever gets too great for one or more of our wee group, a gentle spin around some forest trails in small groups is arranged.

Cracking evening for it too 🙂

The bikes still need to be washed after. Which is also responsible. I guess we’re a responsible group all around.

I have no idea where all this dirt was picked up.


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