Uzbekistan 2019

I’d been having an itch to visit the famed Silk Road for the past while. The ancient link between the Mediterranean and China.

It’s an important place in the history of our planet. The finely preserved culture of Khiva and Bukhara and the legendary architecture of Samarkand appealed to me and so a plan was formed.

I won’t go into the specifics of how, or why, because seriously – nobody cares.. but just to say ‘WOW’.

This place is incredible! The people are very friendly. It’s spotlessly clean. And it’s affordable. We hear the phrase ‘jaw-dropping’ on occasion and sometimes it can be over used.. but I gotta say, of Samarkand in particular. JAW DROPPING!!!

I used to think I could use a camera, used to think I was fairly handy with it, but I was left so wanting in Uzbekistan. My skills weren’t up to it at all. I couldn’t capture the magic, and more often than not the camera just hung around my neck and I just stood there like an idiot with a open mouth.

Don’t even get me started on their subway stations.

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