To the Alps

I’ve been planning a solo spin around the Alps, starting off in Memmingen, Germany, and taking in some amazing roads all the way down to Bardonecchia in Italy. When I get to Bardonecchia I’ll have a few days of downtime, when I can sleep, or maybe explore the local area, and maybe even spin up Colle del Sommeiller and Strada dell’Assietta. There are plenty of options there.

There will be camping on alternating nights, and then the odd airbnb or guesthouse on others. There will probably be some unexpected hiccups. Maybe a puncture or another broken chain.. time will tell. I’ll have every tool bar the one I absolutely need at the time, but we’ll deal with whatever happens as it happens. I have cableties so that’s half the battle.

The bike is prepped as good as can be expected – new tyres, new chain & sprockets, engine oil, oil/air/fuel filters, fresh coolant, brake pads, brake fluid and clutch fluid.

Here’s the basic plan, which is subject to change, as all my plans are..


There will be updates as this develops.

Not every day, but now and then. You know how it goes.

I only really have 10 days to get it done, so it’s not quite the epic monster trip I planned to do, but it’s the big-enough-for-now trip I’m going to do. It’s all the time I have and it’s still probably a better idea than sitting at home sulking.

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