Stupid Side-Stand Switch

So the T7 has a rotary sidestand switch that’s connected to the back of the sidestand pivot bolt. It sits slightly lower on the bike than the 4mm heavy duty bashplate and could potentially take a knock if you were to ride over a few rock slabs that explored the limits of your ground clearance. In the event that it does take a small knock, it’s protected by a thin guard made of the same 1mm aluminium as the original engine guards. In the event that you bottom out completely and it takes a bigger knock the bashplate won’t save it.

A knock big enough to damage the switch will render the bike useless. The motor will immediately die and won’t start. It can be started again in neutral, but as soon as any gear is engaged it will stop. After a little bit of trouble shooting, I decided to snip the wires and twist them together to make a circuit, fool the computer into thinking the stand is in the ‘up’ position, and allow us continue the ride.

I won’t bother replacing the switch as it hangs so low it’ll only break again and another trailside repair will be needed, and what would be the point of that?

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