Ride, Rinse, Repeat

These wild camping trips are becoming a regular thing now with 4 trips under our belts .. and the fifth one only a few days away!!!

The first trip was a real learning experience. My initial impression of the bike was that it felt wrong. The combination of the larger fuel tank and it’s 19 litres of juice, the 80nm shock spring and 20psi in the tyres, and the luggage with camping supplies, tools and clothes added up to something that took a few days to get used to. That first 850km of trail riding around Connemara I think was enough to at least get to grips with the changed weight and balance of the bike.

The second trip was a complete solo venture when I just felt like I wanted to get away from it all and so did exactly that.

And the third and forth trips I wanted to make as inclusive as possible so planned local trail-rides of about 150km – 250km but keeping it within 50km of home so that guys could join in or out as required. Some could camp out, while others might only be able to join for a few hours of a Saturday. I think it worked fairly well all things considered.

There’s a few shots of some of the guys just thrown around in this post.. All the bikes are loaded with gear, but it’s not slowing them down.. They took to it faster than I did.

I don’t think there are any pictures of this bike with the front wheel on the ground

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