Redtread Spain 2017

I got an unexpected week off, so decided to head over to Spain for a few days riding with Redtread.

They have a fleet of fresh enough Yamaha WR250Fs which were soft and gentle, but still quick enough to have a bit of fun on.

Had no real bike issues, she started on the button every time, suspension was plush, she tracked well and crossed any bit of terrain I pointed her at. All in all a very compliant easy to live with trail bike.

The redtread accomodation was great, a comfy villa with a good communal area, honesty sheet at the bar etc.

The only downside for me for the whole trip was the bald tyres, the rain on my second day made for an interesting ride in the ed mud, but sure Iā€™m used to being in the mud with practically zero grip. Hilarious šŸ˜†šŸ˜†


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