Redbull Soapbox Race – Cork 2016

The RedBull events team must’ve had my phone number on file from the last stupid idea, so they called me, and then I spoke to the guys, and then we accepted their silly challenge – to design and construct (and destruct) a gravity powered death-defying deathtrap.

Scrap metal, strange ideas, & questionable engineering all came together to create an abomination of a wagon, with a tricycle frame, extra anti-tipover corner mounted stolen trolley castor wheels, and very limited brakes.. in fact, no brakes at all. The only thing in it that actually worked was the co2 fire extinguisher, and that was only to simulate exhaust smoke.

Good fun all the same.

Made entirely with recycled junk, so it was in fact environmentally friendly
maybe wouldve been better left on the scrap heap?
Precision engineering
Does this look right to you?
Visibility, check! Wait what?
Surfs up
She rolls out, ready to rock
Happy Hippie Surfers
Banner Banger
I was INSIDE this thing!


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