Post Flight Inspection

The big EXC isn’t designed to cover 2300km over 10 days, but she took it all in her stride. Now that we’re home safely it’s time to inspect her for any unexpected wear, and replace or adjust parts as needed.

The only items that either failed or caused trouble on the trip were the starter button plug that connects to the loom, and the sidestand. These will both be replaced, but before we go ordering parts it probably makes sense to see what else might be needed.

First up, check the valve clearances and fit a new sparkplug. The last time these were checked/replaced was around December 2019 so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of condition they’re in now.

The tolerances for the intake valves are 0.10-0.15mm and for the exhaust valves it’s 0.12-0.17mm.

In 2019 both intake valve clearances measured 0.10mm, today they measuered 0.15mm.

In 2019 both exhaust valve clearances measured 0.15mm, today they measured 0.18mm.

The intake valve clearances are still in spec, but are coming to the end of their range. The exhaust valve clearances have just passed the end of their range and are 0.01mm out of spec. I’m not overly concerned about being out of spec by such a small amount, but I reckon I’ll need to replace the shims next time around.

The spark plug was still performing well, but with 2 years use and probably 7,000km done it was getting replaced too.

The throttle cable free play was tightened up a tad, and I also re-fitted the OEM fuel tank and plastics and the softer 7.2 shock spring. The big powerparts tank probably won’t be needed during the winter, but it’ll be fitted again for the next adventure.

Other than the spark plug, and a new starter button and sidestand, all she’s really getting are the basics – oil & filters, and a little TLC. A short test run was done after todays maint and she’s purring away beautifully. There’s no smoke on startup, throttle response is crisp.. I wonder can I delay replacing this piston another while? I must remove the nav tower to check her hours and odometer soon. She has to be past 350hrs at this stage. Has to be. Another cylinder leakdown test might not be a bad idea.

Once my new front tyre and a few other parts arrive and are fitted, she’ll be returned to active status, but until then she can enjoy a few more days of rest.

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