Oil & Filter changes

Changing your oil and filters regularly is important if you want to keep your bike in top condition.

It’s a simple process that everyone should easily be able to do themselves, but there are a few things to note on any bike before you start.

  1. Have the correct grade and amount of oil that you’ll need.
  2. Have a replacement filter.
  3. Have the correct tools ready to use.
  4. Have some cloth / tissue to clean up small spills.
  5. Have something to catch and store your waste oil.

Most bikes use a wet clutch so it’s important to use engine oil for motorcycles with a wet clutch. This is the JASO MA or MA2 spec.

The Japanese Auto Standards Organisation have been grading oils for years and it’s handy to have a simple reference to their grades.

If your mixing gas in a 2T, then you’re probably still using an MA grade in your transmission, and probably JASO FD in your fuel mix.


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