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Multi day camping trip #1

After all the talk of adventure riding, and planning and building the bike.. it was more than a little disappointing to have the covid scupper all our well laid plans. Over the past few weeks I’d been slowly toying with the idea of a more local trip. Sure, it’s not into central Europe, but so what. It’s wild camping and dirtbiking!! Just do it already.

The Maxxis EnduroMaxx rear tyre was just about at the end of it’s life and was due a change, so a new Michelin Tracker 120 was fitted. I’ve always been a fan of the AC10 and so was curious to see how it’s successor would perform. And I think it performed ok. I was running higher tyre pressures than normal and carrying luggage so it took a while for me to get comfortable on the bike. I was also being very conservative with the throttle, and was making a conscious effort to make the fuel and tyre last.

Before fitting the luggage I carried out some preventative maintenance, namely re-greasing the swingarm bearings. and fitted new wheel bearings. I swapped out the 72 shock spring and replaced with an 80. A freshly oiled air filter was installed, but the oil, having done about 400km since the last change, was NOT changed. I’m curious to see how it will be after the trip with over 1000km total.

Luggage was very minimal. A light tent, sleeping bag and foam roll completed the sleeping system. Tools were basic, a 1/4″ socket set, some torx T bars, sone spanners and oil to adjust and lube the chain, 4 tyre levers and a spare 21″ HD inner tube.

On top of that I carried one pair of combat trousers, 2 t-shirts, some clean socks and underwear, and a warm pullover.

In the tankbag there was a small M43 camera and some snacks.

The bike performed flawlessly over 850km, and the only real difficulty was in actually getting a leg over the seat with the luggage on the back.

The Tracker tyre knobs measured 15.1mm new, and were wore down to 9.3mm by the time I returned home. I’d estimate that this rear tyre has about 1500km of use in it, and probably less if I used the throttle.

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