It’s been far too long

Over the past 18 months or so we’ve kinda migrated from enduro riding to more dual-sport / adventure riding. Trials too, but mostly dual-sport. The 500EXC is an amazing machine, with instant response from that big 510cc motor.. and the new Tenere 700 is effortlessly smooth, it just feels like a slightly larger 500. And the little Beta Evo 250 Factory is pure magic – 70kgs of perfectly balanced bliss . . . and during all this time, the pure legend of a bike, the main squeeze for the past 5 years and absolute beauty, the Husqvarna TE300.. has been left idle.

It’s kinda sad to see such a fabulous piece of kit sitting there in the garage, going unused. Then one of the guys picked up a Beta 300RR and a WR250F and suddenly there was a reason to go enduro riding again..

So I strapped on a GoPro and took her to the woods to shake those webs off. I was terrible. But the Husky was incredible. She makes it look easy.



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