Gentle blow-off-the-cobwebs trailride

Hitting the trails on a gorgeous mild mid November Sunday!!!

Still in lockdown so being subtle.

CRF250 Rally and Husqvarna TE300.. this was just a trail ride now, not an enduro.


The Husky hasn’t been out in a while so I was glad of the opportunity to put her through her paces, even if it was a gentle spin. Jesus, she’s a beast!!!

I hate to say, it but I nearly forgot how damn good this bike is. The past 3 or 4 months, I’ve spent all my time on either the KTM 500 EXC or Beta Evo 250, and that has to change.

Damian had a go of the TE too and can confirm. Not the same as CRF Rally. Not related at all.

I took a load of pictures, but managed to avoid really being in any. It’s a skill in itself.

I love that CRF250 Rally
Only touches the ground in spots
The rally might not be as light or as fast, but it goes over the same terrain as the enduro bikes
pure weapon of a bike
There he is guys, the only man in Ireland (perhaps the world?) who can whellie a CRF250 Rally!!!


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