Dodgy Starter Motor

My TE300’s OEM starter finally gave up the ghost after 4 years, and I decided to try out one of these cheap ebay starters.

The installation was smooth, all the holes lined up, and on first attempt it seemed to work well.

excessive carbon for a 2 week old starter

After a week it was a different story however, as the starter didn’t seem to want to actually turn, merely emitting a faint hum / hiss, and it started to smell of burning metal.

This brush looks like it’s toast

On disassembly I discovered that the armature contacts were fouled with carbon buildup, and the brushes showed excessive wear. Cleaned and re-assembled, and when tried applying power the brush tried to weld itself to the armature.

Cleaned off the carbon for a 2nd attempt
Nope, would rather weld itself to itself than turn the motor.. this thing is toast

Ridiculous stuff. I think its fair to say that this starter is toast. Going to return it for another and see if the quality is better next time around, or if ‘consistently shit’ is what you get when you buy cheap.

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