Christmas Trailride

Another one of the long distance navigation trials, this time starting in Doon.

We were greeted early on by wind and hail, but it’s December 29th – it was always going to be a cold one.

The terrain was mixed, mostly forestry trails, some road, a few tricky muddy climbs, and with the amount of rain we’ve had lately, it made for some interesting situations.

Most of the guys on off road bikes got through without too much bother, but some of the guys on heavier dual sport machines found it tough. The first few tricky sections saw us waiting a while for the back markers to catch up so we could progress on to the next section as a group. Waiting for 20 minutes on a day like today is tough. It was freezing.

The afternoon session gave us an opportunity to stretch our bikes legs as we hit some flowing smooth trails. The temp climbed a few degree too. All in all an enjoyable day on the bikes.


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