Post Flight Inspection

The big EXC isn’t designed to cover 2300km over 10 days, but she took it all in her stride. Now that we’re home safely it’s time to inspect her for any unexpected wear, and replace or adjust parts as needed. The only items that either […]

To the Alps

I’ve been planning a solo spin around the Alps, starting off in Memmingen, Germany, and taking in some amazing roads all the way down to Bardonecchia in Italy. When I get to Bardonecchia I’ll have a few days of downtime, when I can sleep, or […]

Fork Service Time

It’s been nearly a year since the last fork service, so it’s time for a refresh. The TE300 and EXC500 both use the WP 4CS forks, and despite almost universal global hatred of the 4CS, I don’t find them too bad. Although having ridden normal […]