Bike Trip Europe 2012

September 2012 lap of Europe.

I headed East for as far as I could without overdoing it on the mileage. 200 – 300km per day, sometimes more, but usually less. Got as far as Ljubljana before I had to start back west again. Covered around 7000km in total. New wheel bearings in Avignon, new tyres in Pisa, puncture in Strasbourg, pints everywhere!!

Solo journey, good times. This google mymaps of it isn’t very accurate but it captures the jist of it:


Not long after disembarking the boat I came across this WWII tank. It was to be the first of many on this trip.
Albi. A Hidden Gem!
By the time I got to Avignon, by wheel bearings were shattered
The mountain passes in the South of France were stunning.
Entrevaux, between Sisteron and Monaco
Looking down on the coast between France and Italy
David, Firenze
My new Michelin PP2CT fitted in Italy
Sailed to Croatia overnight, this bridge is near Zadar
Reminders of the recent war were everywhere
few pints after a long day on the bike
Onward to Slovenia
Ljubljana in September is beautiful
Lake Bled in Slovenia
Up to Bohinj for a gawk
Heading West again, this time through Austria
Passo di Gavia, into S.Caterina Valfurva and Bormio
Passo Suisse
Swiss Alps have some incredible passes
Stopped for a coffee in Liechtenstein
And a beer or two at Lake Constance
Gorgeous September evening
My still new tyre picked up a puncture outside Strassbourg
Lucky my plug kit did the job!
Le Grund in Luxembourg
More tanks in Northern France
In memory of the Regina Rifle Regiment. Canada
Very sobering place.

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