Beta xTrainer 300

After years of loyal service, the past twelve months saw the CRF250X being used as a ‘spare bike’ in the event that the Husky had an issue.

More often than not it was used by another rider in our group who’s bike was out of action.

After a spin up Mt. Callan a couple of months back on the CRF (when the Husky’s kill switch was broken and wouldn’t start), it felt really sluggish and the suspension felt tired and heavy. It was clear to me that it had to be upgraded.

I decided that the Beta xTrainer 300 was the bike to get. It was a unknown purchase, never having ridden one, or even seen one in the wild, but they’re getting rave reviews, and it seems to be a soft(ish) trail bike, with potential to be turned into a hard enduro weapon.

We’ll keep this one as a soft trail bike for now though.

Picking her up at MMX in Dublin
Removing oil injection system and the ‘road’ parts on day zip
1st spin


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