Army Life

In 1996, at the tender young age of 18, I went off and joined the Army. Why? I’m not really sure. I wasn’t sure then. I’m not sure now, but it seemed like an ok idea at the time.

My 14 years in the Irish Defence Forces was divided between 4 years Army and 10 years Air Corps.

Overseas on 82 Irishbatt, UNIFIL, Lebanon, and on IRCON-6, SFOR, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Shanty Town 6-43 – 1997
UN Drivers Permit 1997
60 Mortar firing point cleverly disguised as a picnic area
NATO ID, IRCON 6, SFOR, BiH – 2000
Ilidza, Sarajevo, BiH – 2000
ID card for EU Enlargement – Operation Mayfly – 2004
Invitation to Farmleigh
Heli Ops, Blessington 2010
Pre-Retirement Photo – 2010


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