Arai MX-V

First of all, I LOVE this helmet. It saved my life.

But, I have a small gripe. A feature I don’t like on an otherwise exceptionally good helmet. The vents detach way too easily.

To clarify, I really really do love this helmet. It’s comfortable and fits snug, and I have confidence in it’s ability to protect my head if it comes to it. If I crack my head off a tree (and I have), I want the vents to detach. I want the shell to divert forces around the outside and crack and split, I want the foam to deform and to absorb the impact and be destroyed, and in that way somehow keep the impact force away from the slightly less well built head that’s inside it.

This is the whole reason we wear helmets right.. Cars have crumple zones, and helmets have outer shells and foam that is designed to absorb one decent impact. I 100% want the vents to detach from the helmet with an impact, than snag my head and apply any rotational forces to my neck .. but.. do they really have to detach every time they brush past a twig? They just seem a bit too eager to separate themselves from the helmet at any opportunity.


It seems that even the slightest brush with a branch can detach a vent and in the space of 12 months I’ve lost the upper vents 4 times, as well as the top vents.

Most of the time I manage to retrace my route and find the vent, but on the most recent spin last I couldn’t find it, and I had to order new replacement. The top vent is also gone gone.

Which brings me to the second gripe. £40!!! For these plastic vent covers!!! Seriously?

I really like this helmet. But losing vents all the time is kind of annoying. If they were £5 each I’d buy a few and not worry about it, but at £40 a pop it’s too much.

Having said all that, it’s a really nice, quality helmet. The fit is great, and the ventilation and level of protection is top class. It even has emergency helmet removal tabs on the cheekpads so that some ape doesn’t have to yank my neck off trying to remove it from my unconscious head. Although knowing some of the guys I know they wouldn’t use the emergency pull tabs and would totally yank my head off with the helmet.

Cheek pads are easily removable and their covers washable. It’s a really good lid.

Will I buy another? 100% yes.

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