Cleaning and Oiling your Air Filter

Ok, you’ve probably heard it before, but keeping your Air Filter clean and oiled is massively important.

It’s the one part, that neglected or used incorrectly, will have a huge impact on cylinder wear.

We ride dirt bikes, in the dirt. There’s dust and mud and sand and all kinds of shit that want to get into your cylinder. Your air filter is the last, and only line of defence.

Whatever bike you have, buy a few additional air filters. I prefer to buy standard twinair (non-pre-oiled) filters. They’re €20 each, and used correctly will last the lifetime of your bike.

When washing a filter, use plenty of hot water and lots of fairy (dishwashing) liquid. Gently squeeze and massage the filter in the soapy water till your satisfied that it’s clean. Squeeze it dry, but don’t twist or wring it out. When it’s mostly dry, use a clothes peg to hang it up till it’s completely dry.

A day or two later you’ll want to oil the filters. Pour high quality air filter oil into a basin and completely submerge your filters into the oil bath, one at a time. Massage the oil into the filter so that the oil penetrates every hole and opening in the filter. When your done, gently massage most of the oil out of the filter back into the basin and put the clean and oiled filter into a ziplock bag, ready to be used when needed.

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